Why Perform PST Contacts to WAB Conversion Using Software?

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PST is not just meant for the storage of emails, but the data file also stores a lot more than that. Besides emails, these contents include; contacts, calendar, tasks, journals, & more. The ability of storing and maintaining all of these makes it a Personal Information Manager. Despite being so multifaceted, at times even Outlook requires help when it cannot be an all-rounder.

PST is the fundamental storage for Outlook data but being a proprietary, it can only be accessed on the respective platform. This makes the data file restricted to a specific environment. However, as long as contacts are concerned, they can be extracted and used on a variety of platforms as well as devices that support vCard. This is because Outlook saves each contact as a vCard file. Nevertheless, the problem at hand is that, only one can be saved at a time. Therefore, the entire situation is turned into a complicated & tiresome task, which a user rarely prefers. Conversion of PST contacts to WAB makes the contacts accessible on any Windows with or without Outlook installation. To access WAB contacts without MS Outlook or any other application as a medium, just double click on the file and Windows will automatically import all contacts from the address book.

To convert PST contacts to WAB is executable easily with the help of application. The tool is precisely built for the fulfillment of similar requirements by rendering features like; conversion of PST file contacts to VCF, WAB, and other formats

Fundamental Steps to Convert PST File Contacts

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  1. Run the application and the following screen shall appear on your computer. Click on Add File to browse the PST file from which contacts need to be converted

  2. Choose how you would want the contacts to be loaded, i.e. via File selection, Folder selection, or by auto-detecting the configured Outlook account path.
  3. Select the address book to preview contacts stored within individually with complete field information on display. Click on Export to start conversion of PST contacts to WAB
  4. Choose WAB as the preferred option for conversion and select the address books, contacts from which need to be converted. Select a destination path using the Browse button provided and click on Export to begin