Easy Technique for PST Contacts to VCF Conversion

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MS Outlook has emerged as one of the most widely used email clients by the users across the globe. Be it on professional front or for personal usage, Outlook does not lag behind in any aspect. The Outlook data, comprising of emails, contacts, calendars, etc. gets stored in the PST file. At certain times, the user may require to export the contacts residing in the PST file to other device. Since PST file is not supported on any other platform except Outlook, it becomes impossible to access the contacts without having access of Outlook, Therefore in such a scenario, VCF comes into existence.

But this conversion is not as easy as it seems. In order to export PST contacts to VCF format, the user needs to deploy third party tools like Outlook Contacts Converter . The software easily converts all the contacts of Outlook PST file into VCF format by holding the different fields of contacts before and after the completion of conversion process

Steps to Convert PST Contacts to VCF

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  1. Click on Add File option to add the PST file whose contacts have to be exported.

  2. Select File option if you know the location of the PST file which stores the contacts. In case the contacts are stored
    separately in a PST file then select the Folder option
  3. Now select the contacts that you want to export from the PST file and click on Export option
  4. Select the vCard option to convert PST contacts to VCF format
  5. In case you want to export all the contacts of the PST file together in a single vCard file, you need to select Single vCard option

More On PST And VCF File Formats

PST File: PST aka Personal Storage Table is the proprietary file format for storing MS Outlook data. The entire data of Outlook like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. get stored in the PST file. This PST file is only supported in MS Outlook and thus cannot be accessed on any other platform. Therefore, if a need to access the data of PST file apart from Outlook arises, a third party tool can be deployed.

VCF File: VCF or vCard is a file format for electronic business cards. This VCF file can be exchanged via internet, instant messaging and also by means of email messages. Since it serves to be an ideal format for sharing contacts, Thus with the help of Outlook Contacts Converter tool one can effortlessly convert its PST contacts to VCF format which further can be managed in wide range of applications easily.