Acquire Outright Conversion of PST Contacts to CSV

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Business contacts are considered as the most critical information store for enterprises. In fact for personal usage also, contact management is necessary in order to maintain the links for needed interactions. Microsoft Outlook users maintain their contacts in the storage file itself i.e. PST file. But if users want to migrate address book to Google application, or other application program users might need to convert PST contacts to CSV file format. Comma Separated Value file can be easily imported in the Gmail application and manages contacts storage.

In order to perform a smooth contacts conversion from Outlook PST file to Google CSV file, Outlook Contacts Converter can be an optimized solution for this need. This software is capable to convert Outlook PST adress book to various file formats like; vCard, Yahoo CSV, Google CSV, Single vCard, and WAB. User can choose any of the file formats as per requirement. Software has many advanced algorithms which help to attain complete conversion retaining all the properties of contacts.

Few Steps to Export PST Contacts to CSV

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  1. Download the tool and launch it after installing it successfully

  2. Click on Add File and then click on Browse for File/Folder and add the file to tool
  3. Preview for all the contacts is available once the scanning of PST file is done
  4. Select to export PST contacts to CSV as per requirement
  5. Click on Export and check the Google CSV file option in Export options. Provide destination to save the CSV file and hit Export

Let Us Explore How Contacts Are Stored in Gmail and Outlook

Outlook PST File: Microsoft Outlook PST file is a Personal Storage Table which comprises of folders and other data items like; emails, calendars, tasks, notes, along with contacts. It is a standardized file format which is used for storing complete data including contacts and no separate contact file is created. PST file can be further divided into two types as; Unicode which is used in advanced MS Outlook application and is having better storage, and ANSI which is used in older versions of MS Outlook application and has limited storage limits.

CSV File: The CSV file stands for comma separated values file which stores the information n basics tabular format. It is a traditional text file which is highly accepted by many applications (like Gmail application) to import data and hence is highly used for storing contacts. This file is easily readable using a common text editor and each character is separated by commas. This file can be easily imported in the Gmail application so by converting PST contacts to CSV option to access address book in wide range of applications get fulfilled.